Drive Better IT Management and Security in the Lottery Industry

The lottery industry has experienced significant growth in its reliance on technology to power lottery operations—and with that growth comes an equally significant escalation in risk. Bulletproof helps companies modernize their lottery systems and introduce new gaming sources of revenue while simultaneously reducing threats and security risks.

The World Lottery Association (WLA) released new WLA-SCS: 2020 Certification changes that will increase reliance on the integrity of lottery operations. Learn more about how we can help your lottery take advantage of the simpler and streamlined process for the WLA-SCS Certification to achieve your security and integrity goals. 


Bulletproof, A Leader in Professional Lottery Services

Lotteries’ rapid adoption of technology in recent years has also come with escalated risks. Bulletproof’s skilled team of IT experts have the deep understanding of lottery central gaming systems required to help protect lottery organizations worldwide. Together, GLI and Bulletproof empower the continuous improvement and security of your lottery processes and overall business infrastructure through:

“Bulletproof’s Quality Assurance & Testing team has provided the Wyoming Lottery Corporation with in-depth lottery business guidance, project management expertise, new system and gaming acceptance testing and industry consultation as part of their role in the delivery of Gaming Laboratories International projects. It is without a doubt that the Wyoming Lottery start-up was successful due in part to the incredible knowledge, foresight and intellect that resides at Bulletproof. The Bulletproof team, together with its vast lottery knowledge, from the development of SOW’s, test scripts, to mathematical probabilities, have provided the state and management at the Wyoming Lottery Corporation with sound processes and standards that will enable growth well into its future”

-Jon Clontz, Chief Executive Officer,
Wyoming Lottery

Deliver a Successful Project in a Highly Regulated Industry With Partners You Can Trust

While modernizing your systems is essential to keeping your lottery competitive, multi-year modernization projects involve countless risks which can impact your current operations. With Gartner reporting that 75% of IT projects fail, lottery organizations need superior project planning and management to ensure a healthy return on investment. Bulletproof leverages decades of experience helping lotteries evolve their systems to operate a superior Project Management Office (PMO), ensuring all key areas that often cause problems on lottery projects are managed correctly.

Bulletproof’s Project Management and Governance methodology is built upon Project Management Institute standards and best practices, encompassing a core set of policies, processes, procedures, templates, and tools that are designed to deliver better business functions.

When it comes to PMO, there’s no one better than Bulletproof. We leverage years of experience in lottery and gaming systems to ensure your project is a success. By working with lotteries to consult, audit, and assess their current systems, we plan and deliver first-class modernization projects with security at the forefront. We focus on crucial project components like cost containment, innovative product design, speed to market, and market segment growth to ensure your project is a key driver in building your brand’s authority. By tapping into our team of experts, organizations save time and money by fine-tuning their project plans from start to finish.

Accelerate Your Lottery Operations With Better RFP Design

A Request for Proposal (or RFP) is a major component of your modernization project—and Bulletproof’s expertise in the complete RFP development process helps organizations deliver successful RFPs from start to finish.

Requirements gathering is essential in supporting your new lottery system, and Bulletproof helps you develop the business and technical requirements (and supporting documentation) you need to design an effective RFP. Our gaming experts have a breadth of experience in lottery process mapping and are able to map and document your latest draws process and re-engineer it to drive efficiency.

Focusing on Quality Assurance and Prevention to Safeguard Your Confidential Information

In the highly regulated lottery and gaming industry, quality assurance and testing are imperative to maintaining your business operations, reputation, and market share. Bulletproof offers a wide range of QA & Testing Services to the lottery industry—including test automation, performance testing, QA assessments, and consulting—to ensure your systems are dependable, secure, and operating smoothly.

Nothing is more important than the safety of your confidential and sensitive information. With deep knowledge of lottery regulations from all jurisdictions, Bulletproof partners with lotteries to safeguard their data using advanced prevention tactics that are in line with global security regulations. We work with you to prepare for security audits and continuously optimize your security functions—helping you gain even more confidence in your systems.

Discover How to Optimize Your Lottery Systems With First-Class IT Security Services

These services are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bulletproof’s capabilities. We work with you to identify opportunities for improvement in your systems and form a customized plan to help meet your lottery’s security goals. Ready to learn more about how Bulletproof’s services can help your lottery succeed? Get in touch with us.