IT SMB Support: Supercharge Your Small to Medium-Sized Business For Growth

We Worry About Your IT Support So You Don’t Have To

Managing IT technology from day to day can be a challenge for many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as today’s IT environment is more complex than ever before.

A managed IT provider can act as an extension of your team to better manage your technical issues, IT infrastructure, and end-user systems so you can back to what you and your team do best: running your business.

67% SMBs admit that their organization does not have the skills in-house to properly deal with security issues.

IT Management for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses 

Outsourced Managed IT Solutions for SMBs

SMBs have unique IT and security needs. Regardless of size, many are subject to the same complex regulatory and security requirements as midmarket/enterprise-sized organizations without the proper budgets or staff. From staying on top of changing technology trends to digitally empowering employees at scale, searching for efficiencies to providing support, a trusted IT partner can support all your business goals without burning out your team.

There are many benefits to choosing an outsourced IT partner:

  • Bringing all the IT capabilities you need in-house on a full-time basis doesn’t make financial sense for the average small business owner.
  • Waiting until disaster strikes and you need emergency IT services or data recovery can also be extremely costly.
  • Allows you to focus on running your business while all your employee’s technical/technologies challenges are resolved by an outsourced partner.
  • Finding an IT partner that you can trust adds predictability to your IT budget and gives you access to an entire team of experienced professionals for a fraction of the cost. 

To learn more about our Managed IT Services: Managed IT services

Bulletproof Takes the Headache Out of IT For SMBs 

Other Solutions To Help SMBs Gain a Competitive Edge For Growth 

With offices located across the globe, we’re able to partner with businesses of all shapes and sizes—equipping them with affordable, world-class IT solutions that would otherwise only be available to SMBs. Having built our own business in Atlantic Canada, we’re passionate about helping you gain a competitive edge to enable your growth. 

We can help your SMB with:  

“I always thought about security and productivity separately. Until I saw how Bulletproof 365 gives you the best of both.”

Megan Stephens, [Former] VP Finance & Administration, Time + Space Media

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Microsoft 365 + IT Support Wrapped in Bulletproof Security For Your SMB

Data breaches don’t just happen to midmarket/enterprise companies. According to a 2021 Verizon report, 46% of cyberattacks target small businesses. It’s important for SMBs to consider the modern technological and security challenges of today!

Introducing our Bulletproof 365 – built with SMBs in mind. It offers Microsoft 365 + IT operations all wrapped in Bulletproof security.

With one simple monthly fee, you’ll get a managed package of integrated services that is far superior to piecemeal fixes. Your employees will have access to our 24/7 service desk support so you’ll never have to worry about your IT or security challenges again!


46% of cyberattacks

target small businesses.

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