IT In The Gaming Industry – Helping Gaming Operators Uphold the Highest Standards with Security & Compliance Solutions

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Being a gaming operator/casino can be a bit of a balancing act—you must fulfill both your players’ expectations and regulators’ needs.

The next generation of gaming is already here, with once cutting-edge offerings like mobile, iGaming, and cross-platform integrations, now being the standard.

We can help you transition your technology securely and without service interruption. Stay secure and compliant with rigorous testing and professional services you can count on and do it all on time and on budget with support from Bulletproof.

Gaming Operators Worldwide Trust Us for Specialized IT, Security, & Compliance Services

Having worked with some of the world’s largest, most complex operators, Bulletproof has the experience and in-depth knowledge to deliver the essential technology, security, and compliance solutions that drive efficiency, including:


Specialized IT Services for Gaming Operators

“We experienced a phishing incident that could have been detrimental to our business. The user accidentally clicked on a link and then immediately shut down their computer and contacted us. Microsoft Defender stopped it in its tracks and the Bulletproof team did a great job evaluating and assessing the situation.

In the end, we found that the malicious message was blocked and quarantined before it could do any harm. The Bulletproof team continued to respond throughout the investigation with more detail about what the actual threat was and how they had seen it with other customers too. We now have much better tools in place to detect potential issues. It comforts me to know that we can be proactive to these types of threats and have a partner like Bulletproof guiding our security configuration and continuously watching out for our best interest.”

-Lee Edberg, Cybersecurity Manager, Mystic Lake Casino Hotel & Little Six Casino

Reduce Risk So It’s All Fair Game – Compliance & Certification Audits

Your organization and its reputation depend on continual security audits, verification, and certification to stay in line and up to date with industry regulations—and to achieve that, it takes a team of highly specialized IT professionals.

We can help you with your security testing and compliance & certification audits, enabling you to allocate your time and effort to the strategic initiatives that allow your business to thrive.

We also offer on-site verification, security auditing, and other professional services to help you maintain the high level of integrity that’s critical—and expected—in the gaming industry.


compliance and certification audits

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Level the Odds with Bulletproof and GLI on Your Side.

By engaging Bulletproof’s team of experts, operators reduce risk, increase compliance, and create a gaming experience that’s ahead of the pack. Interested in having our team of professionals help you get more out of your technology? Contact Bulletproof today.

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