Guarding the Numbers: Elevating Lottery Security and IT Performance

Amidst today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the surge in cybersecurity threats introduces the possibility of disruptions to lottery operations. Challenges such integrating new technology, duplicated systems across departments, shadow IT practices, and outdated or lacking information management can present considerable obstacles in meeting compliance requirements, laws, regulations, and industry standards.

Bulletproof, a GLI company works closely with lotteries around the world to ensure they are safe and secure. collaborates closely with lotteries globally. Access our lottery one-pager to discover how our experts can support you in your security journey.

Bulletproof has decades of security experience offering lotteries award-winning solutions to navigate their IT, security, and compliance.


Gain Access to Cutting-Edge Solutions For Your Lottery Needs

Within highly regulated industries, security and compliance are critical and essential for upholding lottery integrity, fostering trust among players and stakeholders, and safeguarding brand reputation. The reality is lotteries still struggle with proper security plans and readiness, leaving them susceptible to cyber threats and breaches. Together, Bulletproof will empower the continuous improvement and security of your lottery processes and overall business infrastructure through our comprehensive suite of services:

Security Services

As cybersecurity threats continue to escalate, they pose potential risks to your operations and financial well-being. Our team of security experts offers cutting-edge solutions to bolster your defenses and safeguard against breaches. Our comprehensive range of solutions includes, but is not limited to:

Compliance & Audits

Whether you need to meet security standards or demonstrate proper data governance for audits, it’s essential to your lottery protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. We offer cost-effective services to ensure you remain compliant. Solutions include but are not limited to:

Managed IT Services

Providing you with day-to-day IT support to ensure unparalleled productivity and essential modern security. Inflexible security solutions that slow employees down can negatively impact your lottery. Solutions include but are not limited to:

Consulting Services

It’s essential for lotteries to implement the appropriate plan and technology to maximize their support for worthy causes. We’ll assist in identifying your specific needs and crafting a flexible and responsive roadmap tailored to your journey. Our solutions encompass a wide range of options, including but not limited to:

  • Legacy Systems Modernization
  • IT, Security, & Compliance
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Cloud Consulting
  • Collaboration & Automation
  • Data Management & Protection

Get Your eBook: Countering Emerging Security Threats in Lottery

Technology continues to evolve as do cybercriminals. The lottery industry has transformed with innovation and faces ever-growing challenges and risks. But the digitization of lotteries comes with a dark side: cybercrime. Lotteries have long had excellent and experienced security and IT teams, but the shift from physical security to cyber security requires new skills, expertise, and collaboration. With so many responsibilities and vendor systems to juggle, and how swiftly threats emerge, it can be difficult to stay attuned to all evolving risks and how rapidly they can negatively impact operations, profitability, and brand reputation.

The eBook covers the following topics:

  • The Cyber World is Changing, Is Your Lottery Adapting?
  • The Ever-Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape
  • Planning Proper Protection & Compliance
  • What Can Lottery Leaders Do Next?

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