Join us for the National Tribal Gaming Commissioners & Regulators Fall Conference at the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It’s three full days of events, with elections for Chairman and Treasurer, general assemblies, workshops, roundtables and more.

Melissa Aarskaug, VP of Business DevelopmentOur VP of Business Development, Melissa Aarskaug, will be speaking on Sept. 28 at 1 PM-2:15 PM  CT about how to leverage modern technology to combat the rise of cyber threats in the gaming environment. 

The session will cover how cyberattacks have increased by a staggering 400% compared to pre-pandemic times. On top of that, the average ransom demand has climbed to over $200,000—which is no surprise since cybercriminals can now purchase a ransomware kit for less than $100! With the explosion in cybersecurity threat frequency and severity, it’s critical for gaming regulators and commissions to gain a deeper understanding of the current cybersecurity challenges that tribal gaming + enterprise organizations are facing, and what modern technologies can be leveraged to mitigate risks and exposures. In today’s business climate, a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) can offer solutions to address these challenges effectively and help organizations with limited budgets and resources.

You’ll walk away from the session with a deeper understanding of how Managed Security Services can help tribal gaming + enterprise organizations strengthen their security posture to reduce risks.

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Melissa Aarskaug, VP of Business Development
Speaking on Sept. 29 @ 9 AM CT
Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, Milwaukee, WI