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Leadership Excellence for Senior Management

To maximize performance and foster a healthy environment, senior managers must also motivate others, nurturing and utilizing the distinctive skills of each team member.

Target Audience

Mid- and upper-level managers looking to hone their senior management skills

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will know how to:
– Use wisdom and understanding to lead others
– Deliver constructive critiques to your staff
– More effectively coach and mentor your staff
– Develop new managers
– Better motivate your staff
– Navigate organizational politics

Course Outline

1 – Leading Others

Comparing Vertical and Lateral Hierarchies: Leading in Different Structures of Command and Control
Leveraging Your Organization’s Structure
Knowing Your Employees – Developing Empathy
Beginning with the End in Mind and Back-Casting to the Desired Future State
Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Earning Your Team’s Trust with Honesty, Reliability, Availability, and Openness

2 – Strategies for Course Correction

Lighting a Fire: Motivating, Guiding, and Inspiring
Resolving Conflict: Forcing, Accommodating, Avoiding, Compromising, and Collaborating
Changing the Script: Trusting Your Team, Empowering Delegation, Celebrating Success, and Building & Reinforcing Your Team
Defining Team Roles and Creating a Balanced Team

3 – Effective Coaching and Mentoring

Providing Clear and Timely Feedback
Creating a Supportive Environment
Building a Mentorship Plan – Mentoring for Success

4 – Training New Managers

Preparing, Developing, and Supporting New Managers
Defining and Building Competencies
Documenting Best Practices while Rewarding and Emulating Effective Managers
Encouraging a Peer Network

5 – Motivation

Understanding the 8 Level Hierarchy of Needs
Managing Across Generations
Applying the CARE Model

6 – Organizational Politics

Being Politically Savvy, Ethical, and Effective
Building Political Intelligence
Understanding the Landscape

7 – The Big Picture

Thinking Through the Elements of Management

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