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ITIL® Practitioner Certification (2016 Edition)

The ITIL Practitioner certification centers on applying that foundational ITIL knowledge and processes to improving IT services and management. This course provides guidance and practice in applying your foundational knowledge.


Students need to have a basic understanding of the ITIL Foundation terminology and concepts.

Target Audience

The target student is an IT professional who holds the ITIL Foundation certification and wants to build on that underlying ITIL knowledge and apply the business competencies of communication, metrics and measurement, and organizational change management to their service practices. Students may be part of or even leading a team that implements IT service improvements and are seeking to leverage the best practices of ITIL in those initiatives.

Course Objectives

In this course, you will apply the guiding principles and concepts of ITIL, and also prepare to sit for the ITIL Practitioner certification exam. You will:
Identify the basic requirements and principles of the ITIL Practitioner certification.
Integrate the six steps of the CSI approach with the nine guiding principles.
Implement the purpose, goals, and objectives of metrics and measurements.
Apply the principles of effective communication.
Design and implement an Organizational Change Management plan.

Course Outline

1 – Orientation to the ITIL Practitioner Certification

Topic A: The ITIL Practitioner Certification
Topic B: The Nine Guiding Principles of ITIL Practitioner
Topic C: The Three Core Competencies of ITIL Practitioner

2 – Integrating the Guiding ITIL Principles and the CSI Approach

Topic A: The CSI Approach
Topic B: Integrate the CSI Approach and the Guiding ITIL Principles

3 – Using ITIL Metrics and Measurement

Topic A: Implement Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators
Topic B: Use Hierarchies, Cascades, and Categories of Metrics
Topic C: Develop Assessments
Topic D: Evaluate Reporting Methods

4 – Applying ITIL Communication Principles

Topic A: Implement Effective Communication Techniques
Topic B: Apply ITSM Communication Methods

5 – Managing Organizational Change for Improvement Using ITIL

Topic A: Integrate Organizational Change Management and ITSM
Topic B: Create an OCM Action Plan

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