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Bulletproof 365 Enterprise IT Solutions: 365° of Protection. Security that goes further.

There are gaps in your organization’s IT security right now. Mobile workforces, rogue mobile devices, shadow IT, hybrid cloud and on-premise infrastructure combined with a stack of tools that don’t communicate with each other are placing more demands than ever on IT teams.

Bulletproof 365 Enterprise is end-to-end Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) security for Microsoft-powered organizations.

Our 24/7 IT managed security service comes in one cost-effective package—with no long-term commitments—to provide turn-key peace of mind for midsize businesses.

Up Your Cybersecurity with Bulletproof 365E

Why partner with Bulletproof for 365E security? Our service includes:

Not only that, your data stays under your control and our cybersecurity experts free up your IT team. Discover how Bulletproof 365E can work for you.

Bulletproof 365 Enterprise Solution Workflow
Stephaine Rackley-Roach, Chief Information Officer, City of Saint John

“After we understood that we were indeed attacked we had Bulletproof on site and ready to support us in containment. When Bulletproof came on site, it was like they were part of the team; instant connection, working with them side by side.”

Stephaine Rackley-Roach, Chief Information Officer, City of Saint John

Reduce Risk with Best-of-Platform and Bulletproof 365 Enterprise

We designed Bulletproof 365 Enterprise to provide the most complete security visibility and incident response capabilities possible so that you can meet the requirements of the ever-changing digital security landscape.

The architecture diagram below illustrates just how integrated this solution is between Microsoft, Bulletproof, and your environment. This integration is the value of our solution; without any one of the components shown below, the integration, and therefore our security monitoring and incident response, suffers, leaving gaps in visibility and control.

Traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solutions

Traditional solutions lack integration and deployment of the complete Microsoft E5 Security stack, do not allow the same level of security monitoring and incident response; leaving room for blind spots and security gaps.

Legacy SIEM solutions can be appropriate for legacy environments but are not suitable for modern workplaces with modern productivity applications and services. Learn more about why Best-of-Platform is the better solution.


How exactly do you weather a perfect cybercrime storm?

As the way we work has evolved, cybercrime tactics have evolved as well. How can you protect your business in an increasingly volatile cybercrime landscape? Take action with this eBook designed to help CEOs, executives, and decision-makers understand today’s cyberthreat and what they can do to tackle today’s challenges and strengthen their security posture. 


We Help Our Clients Grow Their Business

The firm was losing revenue opportunities from high-profile clients who had specific security requirements. This, combined with staffing risks and a small internal IT team, meant they were looking for a Microsoft Partner that could provide an integrated security solution that would layer seamlessly with their technology and operations. Find out how Bulletproof’s managed security solution helped them win back the business of a top banking client.

Case study: Managed Security Solution Helps Large Consulting Company Win Over Top Banking Client

If You Were Hit by a Ransomware Attack, Would You Know What to Do?

On Friday the 13th, in the middle of a pandemic, a cyberattack threatened to bring a city’s entire network—and crucial services—to a halt. Meet the city that refused to pay hackers and learn how quick action, teamwork, and the comprehensive visibility and security of our B365E solution saved the day.


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