Back in January I wrote about how I seem to be “cursed” when it comes to travel. I’ve done a lot of traveling over the years, and it got me thinking about all my wild and wacky travel excursions. Here is my “review” of sorts of some of the things I have seen over the years and consider my pet peeve list for the regular traveler.

My top 5 pet peeves from travelling


#5 – The Snooty Traveler

One thing in life I have no patience for is arrogance and without a doubt no 5 on my list has to be the “snooty” traveler. These are the people, mostly men, who think they are above travelling at all because of their positions in life or success or whatever. Give you a really simple example. Ever been in a security line where the guy in the $2000 suit refuses to take his $ 500 shoes off and put them in the bin and he holds up the whole security line for us common folk. Or the guy who argues with the ticket agent to no end because he has “status” with the frequent flyer program.  Now one can confuse the “snooty” traveler with the “brain dead” traveler but those two are way different and I will save that for another time!

#4 – The carry-on luggage way too big person

We have all seen them. It’s that person who gets on the plane and has their oversize carry-on bag that has no chance in H.E. double hockey sticks to fit in the overhead compartment yet they don’t check the luggage because they “think” it will fit. The best thing is when they are one of the first people on the plane and you’re waiting on the passenger bridge and its -30 out and they are holding the line up.  I love those days!  When you get inside you see him/her moved to the side at this point because they still can’t get it in the compartment and they want to give it one last chance to jam it in but before they do that they figure 5 minutes of holding the whole plane up is enough so they step aside.  Now they will try it again and again it won’t fit and then the real kicker comes when they ask the question to the airplane stewardess “Do you have some place extra I could store this?” and almost in unity everyone on the plane is thinking in their head “NO mam/sir you will have to check your bag to your final destination”.  This is usually followed by several “why” and “I don’t understand” comments until the plane is probably 20 minutes delayed for takeoff.

#3 – Overhead door closed person

Ok so when you get on the plane last or near the end most people recognize that if the overhead door is closed, its FULL people! But there is always someone that thinks that maybe they could be like pet peeve person #4 and fit that sucker in to an already full compartment. Very simple….the open ones have room, the closed ones don’t people J

#2 – The Slow Nexus Person

This is one of my favorites. First of all, I would suggest to anyone reading this if you travel any amount at all that you apply for a Nexus card.  The card gives you access to “fast lanes” and several other benefits in airports which normally will save you a ton of time.  To get the card you need fill out an application at and it normally takes several months before they will contact you and ask you to do an interview with a customs officer.  The whole process including the interview probably takes 3-4 months but it is well worth the effort because it “should” save you a ton of time in the airport. Enter my pet peeve #2.  So you’ve gone through all of the hoops to get your Nexus and your really excited to use it for the first time and you arrive at security for Nexus people and it’s a ton smaller than the regular line.  BONUS RIGHT?  Well sort of, until you realize the person in front of you is deathly slow.  I think Customs Canada should  add an additional step to their Nexus process. It takes 3-4 months anyway so why not add a couple more weeks and put these people through some speed training.  Let’s go as far as putting them on the clock and if they can’t get that laptop out and in the bin, with all their crap in less than 30 seconds then guess what – DENIED.  Maybe set some benchmarks or something?  Because if you got the “fast lane” card you should be fast right?  Well more often than not they aren’t and you end up being as slow as the slow line.  What do you think? Speed training would be a good idea right?

#1 – Chatty Dave or Cathy

Everyone has been there! You get on the plane and your long lost friend that you have never met before sits beside you and before you can fake you are asleep you get the “hey how’s it going today?”, and before you can answer they reply with how well they are doing because they really don’t care how you are doing.  The flight continues and if you’re lucky it’s a short flight otherwise, there is no email getting done, definitely no sleeping and you probably won’t even get in a few words to ask to go to the bathroom.  Definitely pet peeve #1.


Well folks, thanks for reading and happy travels.