It's been one week since the Canadian Mandatory Breach Notification took effect. Has your business made changes to adapt to the new requirements? Could you show your due diligence?

Let’s re-cap….

New PIPEDA Requirements:
If a company reports their breach, there are no financial penalties. However, failure to report a breach could mean fines of up to $100,000 for each time an individual is affected by a security breach. Not only do companies need to think about the financial penalties they could face following a breach, but the cost to their organization’s reputation. Could your business bounce back?

Get the full details on the Office of Privacy Commissioner of Canada.


With cyber attacks growing continuously in number and sophistication, it’s not a question of if but when your organization – regardless of industry – will fall into a hackers’ crosshairs. 

Breaches can occur in a number of ways – both through malicious means and also by accident  (accidentally emailing client info to an external address via autocomplete error).  However, The vast majority are due to credential theft.

Top ways credentials are stolen:

Prevent Phishing By Enhancing Your Email Security
In this blog post, learn about:
• Types of phishing, including spear-phishing and whaling
• Defense mechanisms available to help organizations including SPF, DKIM, and DMARC

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Subtle Signs of a System Compromise

  • Considerable, unexpected performance degradation
  • High Amount of Computer Disk Activity
  • Bizarre/Unexpected errors or dialog boxes that are unfamiliar
  • Unexplained spikes in network traffic
  • Suspicious system access behaviors
Not so Subtle Signs of a System Compromise

  • Website defaced
  • Blackmail email
  • Call from someone stating they are getting traffic from your site
  • Credit issues
  • All files encrypted

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