IT teams are increasingly being asked to contribute to overall business objectives. With the investments made in both staff and solutions, many IT departments have reached the budgetary limit on people and technology. But still, cyberattacks continue to plague the enterprise, and not every IT leader is confident when faced with the questions being asked from the C-suite – are we 100% secure? Are you sure? Today’s leaders are running out of time, money and resources – they need a partner who can help maximize the power of existing solutions.

IT teams are spending so much of their time responding, and not enough time preventing

The IT department of today is no longer the cost centre it was seen to be before. Now accountable for driving business objectives, today’s IT department is not only responsible for securing the organization for security’s sake but for securing the organization for the sake of delivering business value. Gartner estimates that, by 2020, 100% of enterprises will be asked to report to their Boards of Directors on cybersecurity and technology risk at least once a year.

“Because of the volume of alerts and the volume of attacks that are happening, IT teams are consistently and constantly putting out fires and dealing with the huge enormity of threat notifications on their devices – from computers to mobile,” said Dave Hickman, Senior Solutions Architect, Bulletproof. “Then they have to prioritize those notifications on-the-fly, delegate the response to those alerts, or actually go and investigate and respond themselves. As soon as one problem is dealt with, there are another ten in the queue needing to be dealt with. It’s exhausting and counterproductive.”

A day in the life of security teams

IT teams need to be able to focus on the high-value work of responding to critical alerts and preventing future attacks.

Budgets have been stretched to make investments in security programs and solutions designed to help. But these ‘helpful’ solutions still require management and time from employees, which ends up adding to the workload of the team rather than offsetting it. The stress from the c-suite is not going away for IT departments. Security threats are increasing as cyberattacks become more advanced. Budgets will never be enough, and staff levels will never hit optimal levels. The only thing left to do is demand more from the programs and solutions you have already invested in. 

But how can your team do it all alone? How can your team respond to the concerns of today while also managing and preventing the threats of tomorrow?

Do it all – be responsive AND preventative with help from Bulletproof 365 Enterprise and Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection

How can your team leverage more of the benefits of the programs and solutions already invested in to help do it all? Your team needs a partner.

Bulletproof 365 Enterprise is the managed service offering to help your enterprise information and security team enable, optimize, manage and monitor all the Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection features you already own but don’t have time to manage. Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection is a unified endpoint security platform for preventive protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation and response. The best part? Your business already has access to this tremendously powerful security solution through Windows 10.

Your team doesn’t need another solution to help you manage security. What you need is a security partner that understands the solutions you already own and how to maximize those benefits to help deliver true business value for your organization. With Bulletproof 365 Enterprise, your IT team is free to focus their attention on areas of the business where they can deliver the highest value.

Bulletproof 365 Enterprise provides results the C-suite and Board want to hear about

According to Gartner, by 2022 only 5% of CISOs will report security metrics that are useful to their senior business executives. Rather than updates on firewalls or asks for more budget, C-suite and Board members require an understanding of the business’s security posture and risk to inform better business decisions.

How can this information be properly communicated by an IT team that is overstretched? Your IT team can do more, with help from Bulletproof 365 Enterprise. Maximize the power of Microsoft’s leading security solution, Advanced Threat Protection, and minimize the security and business risk of your organization with Bulletproof 365 Enterprise.

In The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Office 365 Threat Intelligence, the following benefits were uncovered:

  • 27,168 hours each year – IT hours saved due to improved detection and response of security threats
  • 60% – Reduced likelihood of a security breach
  • 3% – Reduction in time required for investigation and remediation with Office 365 Threat Intelligence

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