“Why do I need Managed Services?”…“Where is the value?”…”Why can’t I just hire one person do handle everything?” These are common questions. Many IT Managers and CIOs may cringe at the thought of bringing in an outside firm to support their users and infrastructure. “It must be expensive”. “Surely we can do it cheaper in-house”. This seems to make sense. After all, the consulting company has to make money too. How can they offer a more cost-effective service that you can provide internally?

In effect, a managed service provider (MSP) can often offer the full range of IT services at a lower cost as compared to one or two (maybe three) employees. Information Technology encompasses a myriad of systems and services, and therefore, requires a broad skillset. It’s difficult (if not impossible) to find one or two people to cover all of your bases. The result is that you have a team that can do much of what you need quite well, but falls down in areas that are equally as important. Additionally, you may have to pay considerable salaries to get the right people. IT pros have gathered a wealth of experience and put in significant study time to hone their craft. That comes with a cost.



Enter the managed service provider. MSPs build a team that bring the required skills to manage small businesses with 5-10 employees and enterprises with hundreds or thousands of employees. What’s the secret? You have access to the right person when you need them. When you don’t, they work on issues for other customers while you have the option to pull in another resource to deal with another project. Flexibility and scalability are the numerous benefits of managed services. You also profit from the implementation of established processes. Although your business has unique challenges, MSPs understand how to adapt what they do to fit your business requirements. What are some of the other benefits? You have access to 24/7 support without hiring new staff or shifting a current employee to an off-hour schedule. Does your company manage a number of databases? What about websites? Applications? Virtual servers? Routers? Switches? Firewalls? How safe is your network from Internet-based attacks? It’s a challenge to find someone with expert knowledge in all areas? If you find that person, do they align with your budget?



In the digital age, you need to use the latest tools and techniques to compete. But how do you know what the latest trends are? You don’t have time to spend countless hours researching what is out there. An MSP prides itself on being up to speed on the latest technology and leveraging it effectively. Managed Service Providers ensure that their staff have the expert skills needed to meet the challenges of today. No two customers are the same. What works for one customer may not be a good fit for another. An MSP knows this and can adapt solutions to meet the needs of your business. It’s easy to get lost in developing in-house IT processes to fit your needs. Instead of focusing on your business, you may find yourself building the framework for that which a Managed Services provider can bring in on day one.


MSPs are in the business of maintaining infrastructure and services just like those of your business. The old adage “Leave it to the pros” definitely applies here. You trust skilled people with your health, the education of your children, maintenance of your automobile, and a variety of other things in your life. Your business deserves the same expert care. The care of a trusted Managed Services Provider.


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