The global online gambling market is exploding and is estimated to grow more than 11% annually over the next 5 years, according to Globe Newswire.  Key factors driving this growth include the number of new online casinos’ accelerating demand, new iLottery and eSports platforms, the desire by States to capture new tax and lottery revenues, and the emergence of cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

It goes without saying that QA testing, fraud prevention, and regulatory compliance are mission-critical when it comes to operating lotteries and gaming. Concurrent with the expansion of online gambling and lotteries, new product functionality risks are emerging including Know Your Customer (KYC), geo-compliance, and the online transfer of funds. Testing new lottery and gaming systems is becoming a critical success factor to ensure reliance and integrity of operations.

With today’s ever-changing gaming and lottery landscape, regulated lotteries and casino operators rely on Bulletproof’s Software Quality Assurance & Testing team to precisely test their systems, devices, and applications. Post-pandemic, to accommodate with the increasing growth of mobile applications and the limitations to travel and onsite work, Bulletproof’s team discovered a more flexible, yet highly secure remote access solution, NetFoundry’s Zero Trust Network as a Service (NaaS) Platform.

The NetFoundry’s Zero Trust Network as a Service (NaaS) Platform met all Bulletproof’s security, performance, and usability requirements and enables them to execute testing protocols in a highly secure manner, without having to go onsite and without introducing any new risks that could impact customers’ environments.

Traditional remote connectivity for testing required weeks to months of set up including ordering VPNs, configuring servers and when it came to mobile applications, it was even more complicated. Legacy communications (VPNs, MPLS) are costly and labor-intensive to set up. These systems require budget planning, long lead times, hardware deployments, and dedicated project management.

Given the rapid acceleration of the online gambling industry, lottery and casino operators are not willing to wait months, weeks, or even days to execute functional systems testing. They need to get to revenue as quickly as possible, otherwise, they risk losing market share to new nimble operators. At the same time, ensuring end-to-end product quality and protecting user data are mission-critical requirements.

Now, with NetFoundry the Bulletproof testing team can set up a complete and secure testing environment in about 30 minutes and at less cost because legacy connections like VPNs are not required. This means that the Bulletproof teams can accelerate their testing programs which ultimately can reduce the overall project times. At the same time, NetFoundry’s software-defined connections offer the improved security of zero trust. With zero trust each endpoint is securely identified before being allowed to connect with NetFoundry’s NaaS platform. Another bonus delivered by NetFoundry has improved performance with virtually no lag which is a big improvement over the legacy testing configurations.

“Working with Netfoundry has been an engaging adventure. Their patience with us as we worked our way through the process, changing direction trying to find the best possible solution for us was truly teamwork in action,” said Martin Eddy, Management Consultant, Software QA & Testing Practice. “We now have a new tool in our kit allowing us greater flexibility when it comes to testing for lotteries that is lightweight on implementing and managing but solid on performance, security, and reliability.”


The Bulletproof testing team has already completed several projects with NetFoundry and is impressed with the security, speed, and performance and is planning to expand the use of NetFoundry to ensure our customers have innovative solutions to ensure the integrity of their lottery and gaming operations. With the accelerating pace of new iLottery and eSports programs across North America, the Bulletproof testing team is more agile and secure than ever thanks to its partnership with NetFoundry.

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