I came from a world where I had to use multiple tools like Trello and Slack in order to collaborate with my team. The digital workplace is constantly evolving and with it brings many challenges to stay on top of all these tools.  Moving to Microsoft Teams has been a game changer and has been blowing my mind!



Teams is essentially a chat-based collaboration tool that allows users to operate more easily as a team using all the different apps (programs) available within Office365. It’s one place for everyone to connect together.



Collaboration seems to be a buzzword these days, and rightfully so. Not only are the business benefits of effective collaboration big, but the ability to work with your team no matter where everyone is located or what device they are on,  is invaluable. And it’s not just the ability to collaborate on documents (however that is a big one). Teams brings together the full breadth of Office 365 to provide a true hub for teamwork. That means you get a shared Word, Excel, OneNote,  Planner for task management, and of course a full-powered SharePoint team site. Lists can be created and notification alerts can be set for any changes made.   And since all teams are unique, you’re able to customize your workspace as you see fit. Are you excited yet?



As mentioned, you can create, co-author, share and organize files, and access those files across devices. However the communication doesn’t stop there. If you’re using the team site to manage a project, it can answer and highlight many key project metrics including budget info, what phase is currently being worked on, and other issues that may be open. This keeps everyone on the same page and ensures there are no surprises. All of this eliminates the need for lengthy emails and ensures that all status and progress is captured in one place. And no more large emails with multiple file versions sent between team members! Also, when chatting on a Team, the conversation is saved so that it can benefit additional members of the team. An additional feature of the chat system is that members of the team can reply to a specific individual which can reduce the confusion or extra chatter that may occur.



At Bulletproof, of course we had to look into the security that Teams offers and as expected it includes the enterprise-level security and compliance that we count on from Office 365. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Microsoft Teams will support key compliance standards including EU Model Clauses, ISO 27001, SOC 2, HIPAA and more.  It also enforces two-factor authentication and single sign on through Active Directory.


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