I spent this evening crack filling my entryway. I have spent too much of the last week confined to the dim of my home’s entryway. Why? Because I’m a self professed “handyman”.  I think I’m pretty ok at most home building tasks. Sure I’m not expert, but it can’t be rocket science, right?

I live in a house that is 85 years old. It was built by another handyman. A man who, I can only imagine, thought that he too was pretty ok at doing home building tasks. He may not have been an expert in the mundane details of “building codes” or perhaps even “the right way of doing things”, but it’s not rocket science, right?

My house has a lot of “character”. Character is what we, those who have been gullible enough to buy old houses, call the flaws and eccentricities that come in these houses. Every time I start a new simple project in the house, I find more of that charming “character”.  That, my friends, is how this project started as a desire replace a simple light fixture, and quickly spiraled into a full, down to the bones, renovation.

I won’t get into the ugly details, but let’s just say that it involved several utterances of “that’s odd” and “yikes!” and “oh, I can’t leave that”. I must also apologize, to the poor-old-handyman that built our house, for letting escape the slurry of profanity that defiled his handywork and character.


What does this have to do with networks and systems? If you or someone in your organization is an accountant or office manager or assistant that “is kind of handy at IT”, take a hard look at your network. What do you see if you look close? Do you see the network equivalent of “woodchips for insulation”? Do you see the server equivalent of “a large ball of electrical tape in the ceiling”?

Are you spending too many evenings plastering, sanding and painting….errr….I mean patching your server, troubleshooting performance problems and searching for remedies to the latest virus that has taken over your laptop? It might be time for me…errrr ….I mean….you to call an expert.


Why haven’t I included a picture of the finished project? I really should have called an expert….