For years, companies had a choice: you could either have optimal IT security or be productive, but you couldn’t be both. Today, you can protect your business without sacrificing user experience.

There are many examples out there of failed controls and policies that employers have attempted to implement in order to secure their data. These are usually followed by a matching list of ways that employees have gotten around these controls. When IT makes it difficult for employees to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently, the clever ones will always find ways around IT. Whether it’s emailing corporate documents to their personal email addresses, storing proprietary information on public cloud services, or simply hooking into that free and open WIFI hotspot broadcasting outside your office, employees will access information and data in ways that maybe they shouldn’t, simply as a way of getting things done. They do not always do this because they want to—sometimes, it’s simply a necessity when the security solutions implemented by IT were overly restrictive or difficult to operate. 

 But take heart, security and productivity no longer have to be at odds.  

A New Generation of Cloud Services Integrates IT Security

Cloud technologies—such as Microsoft Azure and SharePoint Apps —are not new, and have introduced innovative and exciting ways to collaborate and be productive. The initial reaction from IT was that these new technologies had to be locked down or banned completely. These concerns were not unfounded. Initial variants of “enterprise” cloud systems were simply variations of their consumer cloud cousins and lacked many of the very basic controls found in traditional systems. While employees loved the ability to work anywhere on any device, many IT managers and security officers lost sleep over the increased threat potential and numerous new entry points for potential attack.  

Here’s the good news. As the cloud has matured, so too has cloud security. Now, not only is the cloud no longer seen as the major security threat it was years ago, many organizations are instead starting to realize that the ONLY way they can get secure is to go to the cloud.  

 So what has changed? In the past, security has always been a bolt-on solution, separate from the main system and added after the fact. Because these solutions were not integrated—and typically unaware of the business systems they were being layered on top of—it was often the case that the security solution either broke some functionality or significantly reduced the usefulness of the tools it was implemented to protect. With new cloud technology from providers like Microsoft, advanced security protection is now built right in.  

This new generation of cloud services enables all of the control required by the employer without sacrificing any of the user-friendly features that have made traditional cloud services so popular with employees. Because security has been built right into these new cloud environments, not only do they not impact the usability of the app, they can actually be almost seamless to the end user experience. In addition, the advanced monitoring and behavioral analytics tools currently available in even the lowest level of Microsoft’s cloud services are beyond the reach of what anyone but the largest enterprises could afford to build and operate. 

Better Cloud and IT Security and Greater Productivity with Bulletproof 365

Here at Bulletproof, we believe that security should be at the core of everything we do—but that it should never impede collaboration or productivity. That’s why we designed our new service offering, Bulletproof 365. With Bulletproof 365, you can experience the value of the best productivity tools on the planet coupled with next-generation security controls. Technology is only part of the solution, which is why we include ongoing security awareness training and success management services. These value-added services will help accelerate employee adoption, ensure you get the best return on your investment, and help make your business Cyber Essentials Certification ready. If things do go wrong, our 24/7 bilingual service desk and security incident response teams are there when you need us. Bundle these with Next Generation Firewall support, end-user education, and unique SharePoint Apps and services, and you have all the tools your business needs to be successful AND secure. 

Gain the Secure Cloud Advantage

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