Starting immediately, Education Services has fully integrated a custom designed application within SharePoint to manage the complex workflow of custom eLearning . TARGET™ is a sophisticated and automated application developed by Bulletproof’s Sharepoint Experts TARGET™ manages all custom eLearning, from the identification of sales opportunities through to a client’s final sign-off and invoicing.

TARGET™ handles the hundreds of inputs, including content documents, contracts, milestone sign-offs, and invoices, that are required for the myriad of inputs and outputs involved in the construction of world class custom eLearning. TARGET™ automatically provides notifications to project members as it flows through the entire project lifecycle. Additionally, TARGET is integrated with the accounting department for milestone billings and client signoffs.

With the powerful reporting and dashboards included within TARGET, all key members of a project team will have insight on all aspects of client projects.
Darryl Esau, Director of Education Services commented “Without the amazing talent of the Bulletproof SharePoint practice and the Education Services Project Leads Robyn Neill and Tricia Harrison, we would be relying on a diverse collection of spreadsheets and records to track our eLearning course builds. TARGET™ guarantees that every member of the Education Services team has a trusted and powerful workflow tool. These efficiencies will make us even more competitive in the global market and assist us in dealing with our year-over-year, double-digit growth.”

TARGET™ was developed and piloted over a 12 month period and is now the backbone of Bulletproof Education Services.

Darryl M. Esau
Director – Education Services
Phone: (506)452-8558 x 6030