AUSTIN, Texas (March 5, 2019) – Underscoring the importance of being licensed to conduct cybersecurity work, IT and cybersecurity firm Bulletproof has received a Class II license from the Nevada Gaming Control Board. This license adds to the multiple licenses the company already holds throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“In today’s era of rapidly evolving technology, it is crucial for businesses to continually deploy aggressive cybersecurity tactics. Having attained a Class II license from the NGCB will allow Bulletproof to use our expertise to help Nevada casinos reduce risk and to improve processes, systems, and business infrastructure,” said Bulletproof CEO Steven Burns.

“While Bulletproof services a wide range of industries globally, we have deep knowledge of the gaming industry and of how technology powers its processes. That knowledge will be beneficial to the Nevada casinos we serve. Being licensed by the NGCB gives casinos an added layer of confidence when engaging our firm and entrusting us with their data,” he added.

With the overload of data being generated by their security systems, many gaming operators and their IT teams struggle to stay on top of increasingly complex cybersecurity threats. With Bulletproof’s NGCB Class II approval, gaming operators in Nevada now have a new resource to assist them in their efforts to secure and protect their most valuable data and cyber assets 24/7 through Bulletproof’s secure, state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre (SOC) that protects clients on six continents.

Bulletproof is dedicated to protecting the gaming industry with customized gaming security, technology, and education services. As long-time members of the cybersecurity community in the U.S. and Canada, Bulletproof’s goal is to give its customers peace of mind.

Bulletproof’s advanced tools automatically incorporate the latest threat intelligence to its detection systems allowing the company to detect and respond to the latest threats for its clients.

About Bulletproof
Bulletproof has more than 18 years in the security business, protecting its clients’ privacy and data.
Bulletproof was acquired by the GLI Group of Companies in 2016 and operates as an independent company within the Group.

Today, users on six continents trust Bulletproof to secure their networks, data, and people. In addition to its security pedigree, Bulletproof is a Certified Microsoft® Gold Cloud Productivity Partner with more than 20 million files and 100,000+ users migrated so far.

From 24/7 threat monitoring to employee training and emergency incident response the Bulletproof team is passionate about helping organizations gain a competitive edge to enable their growth and reach new heights of productivity and efficiency, securely.

Bulletproof’s 24/7 Service Desk supports more than 50,000 users and over 10,000 network devices in more than 300 client offices around the world. Bulletproof experts resolve 80 percent of service desk calls without escalation and consistently score above 90 on the Net Promoter Scale (from -100 to +100). For more information on Bulletproof visit

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