There are a billion scary cybercrime stats out there. But the only security issues that matter to you are those that could target your business. This is why you’ve made the investment in new security programs. And every new program has brought more data, more alerts, more notifications, and each one demands more of your attention. But not all alerts and notifications are created equal. Some require immediate action and attention, some do not. Even more of your time is then tasked with prioritizing the data.

Would it help you, your team and your organization as a whole if you were able to focus on the high-value work of transforming your core business instead of having to spend your days fending off security threats and continuously filtering through endless alert feeds? With proactive protection and responsive security, Bulletproof 365 Enterprise (Bulletproof 365E) is the managed service designed to give you time and peace of mind.

Proactive protection for overextended IT departments
Major shifts have happened in business when it comes to security. What was once a routine item on a checklist for the IT department has become a large item of concern on the list for the entire organization. Security breaches are increasing, and vigilance is necessary.

Technology companies have responded to this need for vigilance and offer a variety of solutions, from firewalls to IDS Intrusion Prevention Detection Systems and SIEM systems. This technology is relied upon to safeguard the business. But even the best solutions need people to monitor the data the systems produce.

For IT departments that are already stretched, adding in the additional security programs and the corresponding data has led to overwhelmed agendas. The enormous investment in technology means there is little room in the budget for new headcount, but still the IT department needs help. They need a partner who can support the security of the business, to offload the daily monitoring and organization of alerts and notifications, and who can give time back to the IT team to focus on high-value work.

Unmatched enterprise-grade security
As security experts with almost 20 years of experience helping businesses, our team at Bulletproof heard this call for help from IT teams around the world. Our response is Bulletproof 365 Enterprise.

Bulletproof 365E is an end-to-end managed security service for Microsoft-powered organizations that bridges the gaps in cybersecurity tools, skills and capacity, providing enterprises with seamless security and streamlined IT operations in one cost-effective package.
Bulletproof 365 Enterprise includes (for a detailed look at the solution, download the solution sheet here):

Bulletproof 365E powered by Microsoft 365 and Azure Sentinel

Assumed breach mentality with Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection
Bulletproof 365E focuses on proactive protection with an “Assumed Breach’ mentality where our focal point is not simply on implementing controls to keep bad actors out, but instead starts with an assumption that something has already gotten in. For example, within that assumption, the focus is no longer on simply creating complex passwords that are hard to guess, but instead on how to protect your data assuming that your password has already been compromised.

Leverage Microsoft Sentinel for faster and easier threat response
By leveraging Microsoft Sentinel, a cloud based SIEM and SOAR solution, Bulletproof is able to tap into new powerful AI and automation technologies. And best of all, since the solution lives in the Microsoft Cloud, all of the data stays within the already trusted and secured Microsoft cloud ecosystem.

Identify Vulnerabilities before they become a problem
Bulletproof 365E goes beyond the reactive controls included in most traditional security offerings. Proactive vulnerability assessments flush out risks in your infrastructure and equip your IT staff with the information to successfully remediate them before they become an issue. End-user security awareness training transforms your people from cybercrime targets to active contributors to your cybersecurity

Secure your time, your peace of mind and your business with Bulletproof 365 Enterprise
Research show that 76% of respondents believe the complexity of the IT landscape is the biggest barrier to productivity among IT operations teams. With more on their agenda than ever before, the IT team needs to be empowered with the freedom to focus on the high-value work that the business can benefit from.


Many businesses aren’t prepared when it comes to the security of their IT systems. Unfortunately, security breaches are all too common and can have devastating effects on a business. We can help – book a security assessment today!


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