Bulletproof 365 Enterprise is an end-to-end managed service for Microsoft-powered organizations, that bridges the growing gaps in cybersecurity tools, skills and capacity. It protects your company in the digital gold rush by providing seamless enterprise-grade security in one cost-effective package with no long-term commitments.

Crime plagued the Gold Rush era. There was much gold to be had, but not everyone struck it rich. Those that found gold did their best to protect it from thieves, finding creative hiding places and locking it away for safekeeping. Early Gold Rush merchant Stephen Chapin David recounts that one of his boarders had all his money stolen out from under his pillow while he slept. Law officers were in short supply, so many people took it upon themselves to impose their own notions of security. The vigilantes were often ineffective ‘officers of the law’, with thieves eluding their pursuers and escaping with the gold.

Data is the gold of the digital economy. Just like gold during the Gold Rush, there is a lot of data to go around, but not everyone strikes it rich. When companies do strike data gold, they choose the cloud over a pillow to hide their precious commodity. And, like the Gold Rush, the increase in valuable assets corresponds to a rise in crime. Instead of a shortage of law enforcement, businesses face a shortage of skilled cybersecurity labour to protect against and respond to cyber incidents.

The Consequences of the Cybersecurity Deficit

It was reported by the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) that, in 2019, the cybersecurity skills shortage worsened for the third year in a row, impacting 74 per cent of organizations. The report also confirmed that the security skills shortage remains the root cause of escalating cybersecurity incidents, as companies continue to be plagued by a lack of end-user security awareness and the incapacity to keep up with the mounting security workload.

 “Almost half (48 per cent) of respondents have experienced at least one security incident over the past two years, with serious ramifications including lost productivity, significant resources for remediation, disruption of business processes and systems, and breaches of confidential data.”

Security used to be in-house for most companies. But, with an already overtaxed IT department facing increased threats and heightened data and privacy regulations, most businesses now look to outsource their cybersecurity.

The following are four reasons why Bulletproof 365 Enterprise, the end-to-end managed service for Microsoft-powered organizations, is right for your organization:

B365E Will Help Keep Your Gold Safe

Bulletproof worked very closely with Microsoft as it rolled out its new Security Incident and Event Management product (SIEM), Azure Sentinel, integrating Bulletproof 365E with it.

There’s a common misconception in the cloud space that assumes that companies with bought-and-paid-for licensing security options from Microsoft, automatically built into their stack, are therefore secure.

While Microsoft does provide all the security tools and features required, organizations still need to:

Bulletproof 365E lets your company outsource your cybersecurity and transfer the risk to a group of experts who have a pedigree in security. The solution offers seamless cybersecurity and streamlined IT operations in one cost-effective package, and includes:

B365E Will Bridge the Skills Gap

Sixty-three per cent of organizations fall behind in providing an adequate level of training for their security professionals. According to ISSA’s report, “The most acute skills shortages shifted this year to cloud security (33 per cent), followed by application security (32 per cent) and security analysis & investigations (30 per cent).”

Even for companies that have robust IT teams, they often lack the cybersecurity skill set required to protect their organization when it comes to cloud security. If they do have some team members with that skill set, it’s limited to one or two individuals.

Those one or two individuals can’t work around the clock, 365 days a year. So even for companies that feel like they are doing a good job at remaining conscious of their security posture, there remain huge gaps. Bulletproof 365 Enterprise complements existing IT teams and is an effective way to bridge the cybersecurity skills gap.

B365E Gives the Threat Defender the Advantage Back

According to ISSA, cybersecurity professionals overall doubt their prospects for success. Ninety-one per cent believe that most companies are vulnerable to a significant cyber attack, while 94 per cent believe that the power lies with threat actors over threat defenders.

In part, this is because IT departments are struggling to keep up with the mounting cybersecurity responsibility that’s been laid on them in recent years. B365E takes that security load off the customer and lets them focus on driving business objectives, big data and analytics, and performing core IT services.

Bulletproof 365 Enterprise is made for the Microsoft customer who is migrating their productivity and server workloads into the cloud and who need that next level of security. B365E leverages all the benefits of Microsoft’s cybersecurity features, and complements existing IT teams by layering over the security service.

B365E is Keeps it Seriously Simple

Cybersecurity and protecting cloud migrated assets can feel overwhelming.

Bulletproof 365 Enterprise will take security off your hands. Bulletproof will turn on and configure cybersecurity features properly and ensure your company is secure in the service. Then Bulletproof will continue to manage and monitor your security for you. Bulletproof 365E, built on the back of an 18-year cybersecurity pedigree and a Microsoft Gold Partnership, makes cybersecurity that simple.

We’re in the throes of the digital data gold rush, and every company that intakes data is vulnerable to threats. Bulletproof has the expertise and the services to plug in and help companies that want to secure their environments and their data. Let Bulletproof 365 Enterprise defend your company against the ever-increasing threats to your cyber gold.