I want the training but hate to have to travel….

I signed up for that course twice and it was cancelled because of low enrollment….

My boss said I could take the training but only if I could find it locally….


Does this sound like you?


Online LIVE training from Bulletproof gives you access to your training via an Internet connection, and you still receive your course from an instructor in real time. This means eliminating some of the key challenges of investing in training, and provides the same high-quality education, including live lectures, demonstrations and virtual labs.

Online LIVE training allows you to:



The Online LIVE platform has minimal technical requirements and is easy to operate, and the best part is there is no travel cost! You can access training from your office or you can stay in your fuzzy pj’s and access from home. No judgement here!

You also get remote access to the technology you are learning so you get to apply your new skills on real equipment.



You have access to expert instructors in real time. From basic desktop productivity tools such as Excel, to complex server systems from top vendors like Cisco, Citrix and VMware, you can expect training from Subject Matter Experts in their field.



Is this the year for you to finally get that certification? Conveniently take your certification exams and advance your career!

There are more course dates and time available, and there is no need to worry about class cancellations since all courses are guaranteed to run. Sessions are archived for future reference.



Today’s work environment is far from traditional, meaning you may have a distributed workforce. You can now ensure everyone gets the same training no matter where they are located or what time zone they are in.


More companies are coming to see education as their competitive edge. Interested in learning more? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to setup a learning path that is right for you!